Best Apple iCloud Alternatives To Backup iPhone/iPad

By: TechTalkCounty

An easy way to store, back up, and share files and media is through iCloud storage.

However, iCloud only offers you with 5GB of free storage, and this may be sufficient shortly.

You'll need more storage space eventually if you use iCloud frequently enough. Although you might pay for more iCloud storage, some users might choose to use alternatives.

Here are some of the best alternatives to iCloud To Backup iPhone/iPad.

Dropbox All of your files can be securely stored on Dropbox, a popular option for both individuals and businesses. Dropbox is easy to use and provides a ton of storage for a low cost.

Amazon Drive In addition to offering a separate pictures app where you can easily save your photographs and videos, Amazon Drive enables you to back up data directly from your iPhone.

Google Drive The best iPhone app for backing up content is Google Drive's, which also provides the most free storage space.

Verizon Cloud You can upload files from your phone to Verizon Cloud and access your data from any device. In addition, you can cast files to your TV.