Best App Lockers for Android

By TechTalkCounty

A smartphone with no app lock seems to be a thing of the past. Prior to this, most users relied on lock screen security (which comes standard on Android phones) to prevent unauthorised access.

However, there are now a variety of app lock applications available for Android on the Play Store, each with its own set of features to make our phones inaccessible to commoners.

App Lock – With Fingerprint, Password & Pattern:

It is one of the smartest and best applications for locking Android applications and keeping personal information safe and secure. You have the option of using a pattern or a passcode to lock apps.

LOCX App Lock:

LOCX App Lock secures your lock apps, secret images, videos, and messages, among other things. To lock your apps, you may use a PIN or a pattern.

Smart AppLock Pro (App Protect):

One of the best App Lock for Android in 2022 is Smart Applock. This app locker is lightweight, resource-friendly, and has a beautiful interface.

CM Locker:

CM Locker is a security app that protects against intruders as well as viruses and other malware. It allows you to alter the background colour and customise themes.


MaxLock app locks works with Marshmallow and later versions of Android. There are no ads in the app, and you can customise the user interface.

Finger Security:

The Fingerprint app lock feature was first featured in this app. The app has a widget that allows you to quickly disable or enable it.