Best Anti-Theft Apps For Your Android

Best Anti-Theft Apps For Your Android

By TechTalkCounty

Without a doubt, losing our smartphones is a frustrating experience.

Nobody likes to think about having their phone stolen. But anyone may experience it.

So having appropriate anti-theft apps on Android is always a great idea.

Google Find My Device

Most Android smartphones come with Google's built-in app. The location will be displayed in a real-time interactive map once your Android device and Google Account are connected.


Lockwatch is not really an anti-theft app, but it does a photo of anyone who attempts to unlock your smartphone with the incorrect code.

Third Eye

When someone tries to access your phone using the incorrect PIN, Password, or Pattern, the app is intended to take a photo of them.

Anti-Theft Alarm

An Android app called Anti-Theft Alarm is designed to keep your phone from getting misplaced or stolen.

Mobile Security

Mobile Security from McAfee LLC helps you safeguard your device, your private information, and prevent unauthorised access to it.