9 Best VR Games For Android

By: TechTalkCounty

Chibig by VR Fantasy

It has a really cool vibe to it that offers a standard premise, amazing execution, and a fantastic visual style that leaves a lasting effect on the player.

Beasts of Legend by Virtual Studios

This VR game is broken up into many episodes wherein you engage in battles against mythical beasts in futuristic cities.

Sisters by Otherworld Interactive

This horror game takes place when you are inside a home, but you are unable to move from where you are now standing.

InCell VR by Nival

You will be racing around a little universe contained inside a single human cell which gives traditional virtual reality racing games a fascinating new twist.

Proton Pulse by ZeroTransform LLC

In this game you may take up the role of the game's controller, bringing yet another dimension to the thrilling Breakout-inspired gameplay.

All-Star Fruit Racing VR by XR Games

It is a racing game and the point of the game is to collect as much fruit as possible before the time limit is reached.

Trail World VR by No Pressure Studios

The action takes place in an open environment where you are free to roam about, play several minigames, and carve out your own paths.

VR Silent Home by SMF Studios

You will have to navigate your way through a multitude of eerie and unsettling locations in order to make it through this game unscathed.

Hidden Temple VR Adventure by HandyGames

You will go on an adventure inside a perilous temple, where you will have to solve puzzles, escape dangers, and wander in all 360 degrees.