By TechTalkCounty

9 Best Voice Changer Apps For iPhone and Android


With its hundreds of video filters, Snapchat stands tall as the number one voice changer application that has over 203 million daily users.

Celebrity Voice Changer

Compatible with iOS, Celebrity Voice Changer enables you to change your voice like your favorite celebrity, along with potentially mimicking anyone’s voice.

Video Voice Changer- Fun Editor

Altering your voices in any video you capture with your iPhone or iPad becomes easier than ever with Video Voice Changer- Fun Editor.

Video Voice Changer FX

Compatible with Android, Video Voice Changer FX is straightforward, yet efficient app that offers you a variety of funny voices to dub in your videos.

Squeak Voice Changer

Squeak Voice Changer enables Android users to shoot videos with its collection of effects equipped with funny characters.

Voicy- Celebrity Voice Changer

Voicy- Celebrity Voice Changer is yet another iOS app that lets you dub your voice with impersonations of thousands of TV personalities.

Voice Changer

Compatible with Android, Voice Changer With Effects offers excellent customization features such as backward and slow-mo effects to make it sound alien and robotic.

Voice FX

Voice FX is yet another app that enables you to live-stream your changed voice in media players and web browsers.

Voice Changer Plus

Compatible with any iOS device, Voice Changer Plus bestows users with complete creative freedom with voiceover recording and numerous effects.