9 Best Free Sleep Trackers

By: TechTalkCounty

Tide offers a soothing interface and it also contains a gentle wake-up alarm that will gently push you up during the part of your sleep cycle when you are in the lightest stage of sleep.


The combination of a stunning user design and excellent functionality places Relax Melodies at the top of our list of preferred free sleep applications.

Relax Melodies

Sleepo has 32 different sounds, ranging from rain to tunes to white noise, and the resulting soundtracks can be played on a timer or continuously throughout the night.


Over 12,000 different guided meditations are accessible on the Insight Timer app and it has the world's biggest collection of free guided meditations accessible anywhere in the world.

Insight Timer

Your snoring is monitored throughout the night by SnoreLab, which then provides you with a detailed analysis when you wake up.


Because Sleep Cycle makes use of the microphone on your smartphone to track your motions as you are asleep, it is able to wake you up when you are in a lighter period of sleep.

Sleep Cycle

Pillow allows you to monitor your sleep, and when you are pleasantly awoken by an intelligent alarm, you will get a report detailing the duration of each sleep period.


PrimeNap includes sensor-assisted sleep monitoring and a lifestyle diary, allowing you to observe how your daily decisions impact your sleeping habits.


Twilight adjusts the color spectrum of your smartphone or tablet according to the hour of the day, protecting your eyes and promoting healthy sleep habits.