8 Best Google Doodle Games To Play In 2023


Pony Express

A game where you play as a Pony Express rider, delivering mail across the Wild West while avoiding obstacles. This game has a single-player setup where one explores the city as a poly express rider.


A classic arcade game where one plays a Pac-Man, eating pellets and avoiding ghosts in a maze. One of the famous arcade games with single and dual players setup

Champion Island Games

A collection of mini-games inspired by Japanese mythology featuring different animals and sports. This single arcade gameplay has a lot of levels to explore.


A game where you compete in a hurdles race, jumping over obstacles to reach the finish line.


A cooking game where you mix different peppers to create the spiciest chilli recipe possible. This single-play arcade game is good for food lovers to explore different dishes.

Cut Pizza

A game where you work in a pizzeria, cutting and serving pizzas and delivering them to your customers as fast as you can. It's a thrilling game that gets tougher at every level.


A game where you play as a batter, hitting pitches and trying to score home runs. It's an interesting single-player game for all sports lovers where they can compete to get their team to win.

Coding For Carrots

A coding game where you help a rabbit navigate a maze by writing code commands to move it to the carrots.