8 Best Free Scanning Software for Mac in 2023

Here are some top-rated scanning softwares that help you easily scan documents, photos, and more, given their user-friendly interfaces, advanced scanning options, and compatibility across devices.


It is a free scanning software that is easy to understand and operate and is compatible with other applications like MS Word, Image Capture, and Graphic Converter.


It is one of the best scanning software that has the capacity to scan and store about 200 documents and is compatible with other scanners. It is also free and easy to operate.


Another best free scanner software for Mac that supports over 2800 scanners that function on Windows, OS X, and Linux. It also offers you to view the scanned documents in multiple formats.


With its user-friendly interface, quick and easy scanning and versatile nature of the software, this scanning software is a decent choice for both beginners and professional Mac users.


It is quick and easy scanning software that offers qualitative outputs. DocScanner is available in about 15 languages and can scan documents and images and edit PDF documents effectively.


This amazing scanning software has extensive features to help you create and scan PDFs. You can try this scanning program with a free trial and opt for its Standard or Pro version later.