8 Best Calendar Apps for Mac in 2023

Do you end up missing your appointments and deadlines often? Here are some of the best calendar apps to help you plan and organize your days more effectively.

Apart from being a well-designed calendar app, it also boasts other features like quick event creation, creation of an event template, one-click event composition, and calendar support.


Multiple Blue Rings

It is a customizable calendar app for macOS that allows you to view only the needed information, get an interesting colour scheme for the calendar, change fonts, and add another timezone.


It is a free calendar app for Mac that comes with a fascinating feature of schedule visualization with a clear and comprehensive year/month/week/day-based overview of the schedule.


Any.Do is another calendar app that lets you add relevant information, like notes, location, URL, etc., to the event details. It also allows excellent third-party application integration.


It is not a downloadable application but a web-based app that comes with excellent syncing capabilities and helps you arrange all your information effectively.

Google Calendar

This app, Calendars, is perfect for anyone who is happy with Apple Calendar but wants an add-on to place in the menu bar. This app lets you view your agenda and schedule effortlessly.


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