7 Best Linux Firewalls In 2023

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This open-source firewall has offers Stateful Package Inspection (SPI) and protects against Denial-of-Service attacks. It is one of the best Intrusion Prevention Systems.

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Smoothwall Express

This Linux firewall has minimal hardware requirements and comes with a plug-and-play backup. Its installation, setup and usage is seamless.

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It ensures network security protecting it from spyware, trojans, etc. It offers access to Next Generation Firewall, Gateway Anti-Spam, Intrusion Prevention System, etc.

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It implements a stateful firewall, inspects individual data packets and stops them before reaching the necessary if any malicious content is detected.

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It is a CentOS-based distro that has an intuitive interface which helps configure and monitor your firewall alongside fleshing out distros for additional network services.

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This Linux-based firewall comes with an IPv6 support and status monitoring. It includes GUI and GUFW for Ubuntu and Debian users and permits users to alter firewall rules.

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This open-source firewall is based on FreeBSD custom kernel and offers high-level packet filtering. It is compatible with DNS and DHCP servers.

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