7 Best Free Gif Makers For Mac

Image Credit:Unsplash


Giphy Capture

This tool helps you make gifs using screen recordings. You can modify the frame rate, reset the type of loop and alter the max size of the video to 640 pixels.

Image Credit: Giphy  Capture



It allows you to make superior quality gifs using videos or still images. It has very fast conversion speed and user0customizable frame rates.

Image Credit: Gifski



It helps create high-quality animated gifs and has a contemporary user-interface. Cropping, resizing, adjusting the colour balance are few of the many features that come with this tool.

Image Credit: Setapp



This scree-capturing and gif-maker application is very easy to use. It permits FPS adjustments, include repetition, title, counts, etc.

Image Credit: LICEcap



This tool allows making animated gifs using a combination of photographs and films. It also allows altering the alignment of the video, frame rate and size.

Image Credit: App Storee


Smart GIF Maker

It has an uncluttered and seamless interface and is an excellent gif maker for Mac. It’s watermark can be removed with an in-app payment option.

Image Credit:MacUpdate


PhotoScape X

This free Gif maker for Mac is packed with several editing options. It is great for generating high-quality gifs and also for modifying standard photographs.