This Start-up Is Generating Background Music For Content Creators Using Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionising The Content Creation Era By Using AI-Based Music Creation Tool

Siddharth Bhardwaj and Mansoor Rahimat Khan always dreamt of assisting producers in producing original background music without having to deal with the headache of licencing when they started working on developing an AI-based music composition tool. In Bengaluru, Bhardwaj and Khan founded in 2021 with the goal of leveraging technology to address the issue.

After graduating from IIIT-Allahabad, Bhardwaj, 31, pursued his lifelong dream of integrating music and technology by obtaining a master’s degree from the Music Technology Group, UPF, in Barcelona, Spain. Bhardwaj was familiar with artificial intelligence and how it could be used in the creation of music because he had previously worked with firms that specialised in signal processing, deep learning, and music technology. After Bhardwaj met Khan, a seventh-generation Dharwad Gharana sitar performer, launching his own AI-focused business seemed a logical next step.

Any creator may feel anxious while dealing with music licencing and related copyright issues, especially someone new to the industry. Questions like authority to use the music as the background for your podcast, duration of the copyright and the definition of royalty-free may pop up in one’s mind. This is where the AI-based music creation tool comes into play by making it easier for creators to produce creative, attribution-free background music for videos and podcasts.

Bhardwaj opinionates that the AI tool for creating music functions much like a real music director. One needs to specify the length of the music piece they want, choose the speed and genre, and then let AI search the database and present them with five songs that fit the video or podcast’s topic. The movie or podcast can then be published and available wherever you like. You can adjust the instrument layers and alter the sound as necessary.

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Deep learning networks, a sort of AI that analyses massive volumes of data, are deployed by the system. AI arranges all those loops and samples from sourced artists to develop a coherent track. They train AI-based models to generate a framework that includes all these vertical and horizontal layers, stated Bhardwaj. The AI will take 10 seconds to generate five possibilities for the user for a one-minute tune.

Bhardwaj claims that his business collaborates with hundreds of musicians who produce 10-second guitar riffs or 15-second piano melodies for the platform. 200 musicians contributed 50,000 of these samples to’s library.

Bhardwaj clarified that the tool is not ideal for musicians. It is an instrumental background music generator suited for videos and podcasts.

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