Terraria Vs Starbound: Which Is Better?

Ultimate Terraria Vs Starbound Comparison

The debate over Starbound vs Terraria has been ongoing in the gaming community since time immemorial. Though the objective comparison of the two rogue like games can seem like a daunting task, yet TechTalkCounty is here to put the kibosh on which of these can rightfully claim the throne in the hearts of gamers.

Terraria Vs Starbound (Story)

Storyline is a crucial factor for a lot of gamers despite the fact that majority of the rogue-like games pivot around gameplay rather than the plot. Terraria lacks a significant narrative, unlike Starbound which offers the player with a comprehensive yet optional plot. In Terraria there are no end game goals that contribute to the player’s progression. Free from the constraints of a predetermined plot, Terraria players have the opportunity to explore the whimsical depths of the game at their own pace. NPC quests and occasional events within the game provide a certain amount of direction to the player, but they usually have little to no impact on the gameplay experience.

On the contrary, Starbound revolves around a plot wherein players assume the role of Terrene Protectorate member, who is entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining peace on Earth. After Earth is devastated by an unidentified catastrophe, the main character gets stranded in space and embarks on a journey to explore potentially liveable planets. On this journey, the character tries to uncover the reason behind Earth’s obliteration and begin the quest to save the universe by exploring unchartered worlds and conquering them to safeguard humanity.

This puts Starbound ahead of its competitor since Terraria fulfils the criteria of being gameplay-centric but lacks a compelling plot.

Terraria Vs Starbound (Gameplay)

Both these rogue-like action games have distinctive gameplay features that cater to different genres of players. For the ones who are more inclined towards engaging in action-packed gameplay and boss battles, Terraria is the perfect fit akin to the ones who prefer scaling new heights and delving into the mysteries of the unknown.

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Released in 2011, the 2D sandbox adventure game, Terraria primarily revolves around battling bosses. This entails mining ore for armor, crafting expansive arenas for boss fights, fighting diverse enemies to acquire weapons. Players can choose two different modes in Terraria – one for the game world and another for the protagonist whereas in Starbound, the difficulty modes relate only to the character.

Starbound places a central emphasis on the exploration of different planets. The gameplay involving activities like mining ore for armour, etc. has the sole purpose of exploring unchartered territories and defeating enemies. This 2016 game transcend the gameplay concept of Terraria by introducing an interplanetary structure. The narrative is quest-driven which places an emphasis on storytelling.

Terraria Vs Starbound (Graphics)

The visuals of both the games are pretty similar, since both of them employ pixel art which adds to the aesthetic of classic video games. However, Terraria features a more vibrant and retro aesthetic alongside a rich colour palette. Its smooth animations contribute to an immersive and appealing visual experience.

Starbound, conversely, is centred around cosmic landscapes with a subdued colour scheme. Though the game displays a charming pixel, the aesthetic is more sci-fi-based which differs from the experience of Terraria’s fantasy-driven universe.

Terraria Vs Starbound (Weapons)

Weaponry can make or break a player’s interest in the game. Both Terraria and Starbound permit users to wield diverse weaponry ranging from lightsabers to crossbows. However, when it comes to enjoyment while using the weapons, Terraria emerges as the undisputed winner.

In Starbound, there’s a wide variety of weapons to choose from, but the combat tends to be more straightforward. Though the abilities are diverse, they might not be as surprising for casual players because they follow a predictable pattern. On the flip side, Terraria provides a more dynamic and engaging combat experience. Your choice of weapon has a profound impact on how you play the game. Whether you’re summoning minions for backup or swinging a colossal magic sword to take on enemies, the combat in Terraria is always evolving and offers a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

Terraria Vs Starbound (Exploration and World Building)

Both the games place a significant emphasis on exploration and expose players to a variety of vast worlds. In Terraria, players are primarily digging into the earth or ascending to the skies. The game promotes creativity through its diverse biomes, underground dungeons, and the promise of hidden treasures.

Starbound, literally and figuratively, takes the world of exploration a notch higher. Players in this game can traverse through space, land on unique celestial bodies, build colonies on different planets, farm and encounter distinct ecosystems. For the ones seeking horizontal depth, Terraria might be the one to beat. On the flip side, those are more inclined towards expansive verticality, Starbound might offer a wholesome experience.

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