Reasons Why the iPhone 16 Plus Might Be the Final Plus Model Ever

The Future of Plus-Sized iPhones A Look at the Potential Changes Coming

The iPhone 16 series is taking shape, and rumors are already swirling about the next iPhone 17 release. According to Ross Young, an expert on displays and Apple products, the iPhone 17 Plus will be smaller than its predecessors, fitting in size between the iPhone 17 Pro and iPhone 17 Pro Max.

This year’s iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models are expected to be taller and narrower than before, with screen sizes rumored to be 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches, respectively. So, the iPhone 17 Plus might have a display size between 6.4 inches and 6.8 inches, likely around 6.5 inches.

It’s unclear why Apple is making this change, but it could be to differentiate the Plus models from the Pro models. With the iPhone 16 Pro Max (and the upcoming iPhone 17 Pro Max) having a larger 6.9-inch display, Apple might feel that the current 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Plus is too close in size.

A 6.5-inch display would offer a middle ground, giving consumers more options (6.1 inches for the iPhone 17, 6.5 inches for the iPhone 17 Plus, 6.3 inches for the iPhone 17 Pro, and 6.8 inches for the iPhone 17 Pro Max).

Historically, Apple hasn’t had much success with smaller screen sizes, but a 6.5-inch iPhone 17 Plus would still be larger than its standard-sized counterpart. This move could give the iPhone 17 Plus its own identity and make it more appealing to consumers.

Is Apple Phasing Out the Plus Model?

Another perspective is that Apple may prefer to sell more of its higher-priced iPhones rather than its cheaper ones. Introducing a fourth screen size could potentially attract more customers, especially those who believe that bigger is better, to opt for the largest iPhone 17 model available, the iPhone 17 Pro Max.

Currently, the iPhone 15 Plus is the same size as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, so reducing the screen size of the iPhone 17 Plus could decrease competition for the iPhone 17 Pro Max, ultimately boosting sales. In essence, the decision to introduce a 6.5-inch screen size could either make or break the future of Apple’s Plus-branded iPhone lineup.

While we may not fully understand Apple’s strategy until after the phones are launched next September, it’s certainly intriguing to contemplate the possibility of future iPhones coming in previously unseen screen sizes.

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