OpenAI’s ChatGPT Vs Google’s Bard: Google CEO Sundar Pichai Intensifies Chatbot Testing To Improve Efficiency

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Directs Staff To Spend 2-4 Hrs A Day For Bard Testing

With each passing day, the competition to employ the most cutting-edge AI technology is intensifying. Google’s chatbot, ‘Bard’ which debuted on 6th February can be viewed as a rebuttal to OpenAI’s popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT. Google’s LaMDA-backed AI is accessible to trusted users as of now.

After a bumpy start, the Alphabet business is seeking to develop its chatbot and has been putting new ideas into practise to amp up its effectiveness. Companywide testing of the conversational AI, Bard has already commenced. According to a recent Business Insider report, Google CEO Sundar Pichai reportedly asked staff members to volunteer two to four hours per day to test the chatbot that the company plans to integrate into search.

According to reports, the most recent email seen by The Insider shows the seeming desperation at Google to take the lead in the field of generative AI-backed search. The introduction of ChatGPT in November of last year was a crucial step forward for AI technologies.

Microsoft backed ChatGPT and incorporated it into a number of its products, which considerably impacted Google’s prospects. Microsoft announced the release of its new Bing search and Edge browser powered by ChatGPT in the first week of this month, further dampening the prospects of the tech giant.

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The article suggests that Google began “dogfooding” (staff testing before it is made accessible to the general public) Bard on Tuesday. Several internal and external testers are reportedly utilising the chatbot and providing feedback on its security, dependability, and groundedness.

Google suffered a severe reputational setback following the debut of Bard since the chatbot provided inaccurate answers to a query about the James Webb Space Telescope. The error resulted in the search engine giant’s shares to drop more than 9% a day after the error grabbed eyeballs.

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