Meta’s Latest AI Features Are Too Addictive: Check Them Out Now!

Meta Collaborates With Bing To Introduce AI To WhatsApp Instagram & Messenger

Meta has unravelled an exciting array of cutting-edge AI-driven bots, enhancements, and innovations slated for launch across its messaging applications, the highly anticipated Meta Quest 3, and the upcoming Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. These novel additions entail an eclectic range of capabilities, ranging from an intelligent AI assistant to advanced image editing tools, all underpinned by the captivating allure of generative AI.

The new features, says Meta, are launched with the sole objective of equipping the users with the ability to enhance their creativity, amplify their expressiveness, and be more productive.

Meta introduced its latest mixed reality headset at its annual Connect Conference and also announced its collaboration with Ray-Ban in a bid to tap into the smart glasses segment. Its AI-centric revelations were also made in the event itself. Meta’s cutting-edge lineage of open access AI models, introduced in July, has driven all the AI-tech its revolutionary suite of open-access AI models. This formidable language model is tailored to craft text and code in response to prompts, drawing from a blend of publicly accessible data sources, as Meta clarified. The tantalizing tidbit? Llama 3 is on the horizon, slated for a grand debut in 2024.

Hold on, there’s more! Meta also introduced Emu, an image generator to power diverse applications such as AI-backed stickers and image enhancement.

Let’s take a closer look at the myriad of novel applications of AI within the meta universe.

Meta’s Bing-Powered AI Assistant

This meticulously crafted AI assistant by Meta delivers real-time information and generate photorealistic images within seconds. Whether you’re coordinating a group trip with friends in a chat, seeking answers to general knowledge queries, or scouring the vast expanse of the internet via Microsoft’s Bing for up-to-the-minute web results, this AI companion has your back. Harnessing the capabilities of Llama 2, Meta has intricately curated specialized datasets rooted in the realm of natural conversation, ensuring that these AI interactions unfold in a conversational and amicable manner. Ahmad Al-Dahle, the VP of GenAI at Meta, emphasized, “With Meta AI, we recognized an opportunity to transcend the realm of poetry and create an assistant capable of a broader spectrum of tasks.” He went on to explain that Meta AI’s underlying orchestrator seamlessly discerns a user’s intent from a prompt and efficiently channels it to the appropriate extension, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

The Bing-powered Web Search will the first extension which would assist with inquiries demanding real-time information. Al-Dahle said that Meta AI will serve as a gateway to access up-to-date information, all powered by the magic of search.”

The AI Assistant is set to debut in beta within the United States, with accessibility through WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Furthermore, it’s on the horizon for integration into the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and the Quest 3 VR headset, promising an enriched AI experience across a spectrum of Meta’s cutting-edge platforms.

Celebrity Inspired AI Personality Characters

Meta leveraged AI to build 28 personality characters that are inspired from celebrities across an array of genres like sports, music, social media and more. You can message these topic-specific chatbots on WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. Meta’s Llama 2 LLM-backed AI possess information that existed primarily before 2023. However, the tech giant is working towards incorporating Bing search to its Ais in the near future.

AI Studio for businesses and creators

Meta’s AI Studio platform is set to enable businesses to develop AI chatbots for the company’s different messaging services, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Initially launching with Messenger, AI Studio will empower companies to “build artificial intelligences that align with their brand’s principles and enhance customer service interactions,” as explained by Meta in a post. During a presentation, Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, clarified that the primary intended applications for AI Studio are within the realms of e-commerce and customer support. The platform will debut in an alpha version initially, with Meta planning to expand its capabilities further starting next year.

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