List of Trackers Compatible with Android’s New Find My Device Network

Trackers Compatible with Android's New Find My Device Network

Are you frantically searching for your lost keys? Not anymore! Google’s “Find My Device” feature is improving. With its assistance, you may now track more than simply your phone. With this new function, you can now locate anything with a tracker, such as wallets, keys, and headphones. Read this to find out which trackers are compatible with this useful tool!

Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Erik Kay, stated in a blog post, “Find My Device is private by design and secure by default.” You remain in charge of the devices linked to the Find My Device network, and your personal information is kept private thanks to the multi-layered security integrated into the network.

List of Android’s New Find My Device Network

Forget unfounded concerns! Easily track your possessions with these trackers, compatible with the new Find My Device network on Android.

Pebblebee Clip

Pebblebee trackers are compatible with both Apple’s “Find My” and Google’s “Find My Device” networks. This implies you may view the location of your misplaced item on a map by using the app on your phone. 

Additionally, you can set the Pebblebee tracker to ring so you can hear precisely where your wallet or keys are if they are hidden nearby. Pebblebee also provides trackers in several sizes, so you may choose one that fits well in your bag, on your keys, or on anything else you frequently lose. The clip, being the smallest tracker, includes a vibrant LED, a powerful buzzer, and a battery capable of enduring for up to 12 months with just one charge. It costs €29.32 and is a powerful tracker for keys, bags, and more.

Pebblebee Tag

With only one charge, this handy device may operate for up to eight months thanks to its long-lasting rechargeable battery. Even though it Works well with Google’s Find My Device app or the Pebblebee app (Android and iOS). It does not work with the Apple Find My app.

You can use the Pebblebee app to convert it into your search party, bringing you directly to your wallet or lost keys if they lurk nearby. Additionally, the Pebblebee features an inbuilt illumination that makes it easier to notice misplaced items in the dark. Simply tap your app, and the tracker will emit a loud buzzer to help you find your stuff. The Tag and Card are priced at €33 for one piece, €61 for a pack of two, and €113 for a pack of four.

Pebblebee Card

With 18 months of battery life per charge and up to 500 ft Bluetooth range from mobile devices, the Pebblebee Card can be your go-to rechargeable tracker for all devices. It may be linked to the Pebblebee app on your Android phone or Apple’s “Find My” network. If you misplace an item with the Pebblebee Card connected, you may use the app to track its whereabouts on a map or trigger the Card’s loud beep. 

Additionally, the Card features a bright LED light, making it easy to locate even in low light. The Pebblebee Card Gen 2 has these capabilities to make it easy and quick for you to locate misplaced objects. It is priced at €29 each, €52 for a bundle of two, and €94 for a bundle of four.

Chipolo Trackers

Chipolo Trackers are available in two variants: Chipolo One Point and One Card. Chipolo’s One Point is a compact tag, while the Card Point has a sleek, card-shaped design tailored to fit into wallets. These convenient key finders integrate with the Find My Device app from Google, which acts as a massive search party by using the power of millions of Android phones. One Point features a replaceable CR2032 battery, while the Card Point is equipped with an irreplaceable battery with only two years of lifespan. Chipolo offers the option to return your old Card Points after two years and a 50% discount on your next purchase.

To use the Chipolo tracker, affix it to your keys or any other item you frequently misplace. Use your phone’s Find My Device app to track misplaced items. The program will locate your keys on a map using the Android phone network. If your keys are hidden nearby, this software creates a loud sound, enabling you to locate them quickly. Chipolo One Point is priced at €34, and Card Point is priced at €39 each. 

Eufy SmartTrack Card for Android 

Eufy SmartTrack Card for Android is a small card that connects to your Android phone via Bluetooth and acts as a useful reminder system. You must clip the Card onto items you frequently lose, such as your wallet, backpack, or keys. To use the Eufy SmartTrack card use the pre-installed Find My app and add Card to the Items tab. This card cannot be used on Android devices.

The Card will notify your phone if you move away from your belongings and forget them, allowing you time to turn around and retrieve them before it’s too late. With its non-replaceable and non-rechargeable battery, this Card can last up to 3 years. With the Eufy Security app, you can also let others know the accurate location of your items. It is priced at €28.23.

Summing Up:

It might be annoying to misplace your wallet or keys. Fortunately, a wide range of trackers are now available to make it easy to find your missing possessions. There is a tracker out there that can work for you, regardless of whether you possess an iPhone or an Android phone. 

These trackers easily find your misplaced belongings with features like bright LED lights, loud buzzers, and long-lasting batteries. Remember to verify the compatibility of these trackers before purchasing.

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