Jio Game Controller: Jio Launches Its First Gaming Accessory

“Jio Game Controller”: Here’s All You Need To Know


  • The Jio Game Controller includes two vibration feedback motors.
  • It has a wireless range of up to ten metres.
  • The Jio Game Controller works with Android smartphones and Jio STBs.

Jio has launched a new product that is neither a feature phone nor a smartphone. It is, instead, a game controller that can be used with tablets, TVs, and phones. Here’s all you need to know about the Jio Game Controller.

Price, EMI, and Availability:

The Jio Game Controller costs Rs 3,499. For context, the Xbox One official controller costs Rs 3,499, while the Xbox Series X controller costs Rs 4,199. Meanwhile, several models of the Sony PS5 and PS4 controllers are priced between Rs 4000 and Rs 5000.

The Jio game controller, on the other hand, has an EMI option. Jio has collaborated with many banks to provide EMI options starting at Rs 164 using a range of credit cards (no debit cards for now).

The Xbox Layout:

The Jio Game Controller has the same control layout as the Xbox(y). That is, the left analogue stick is positioned above the four directional buttons on the left. Unlike the Xbox layout, the analogue stick on the left in the Sony PlayStation-style layout is located below the directional buttons, giving the controller a symmetric look.

Many other brands that sell gaming accessories, like Redgear and Cosmic Byte, provide the Xbox layout, which is popular among gamers.

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20-Button Layout:

The controller has a 20-button layout similar to the Xbox controller. There are two shoulder keys on the left, two on the right, a Jio button in the centre, and select and start buttons on either side. On the bottom of the controller, there are also back, home, and TV buttons.

There’s also a right analogue stick, a left analogue stick, four directional buttons on the left, and four action buttons on the right. It’s worth noting that the directional buttons beneath the left analogue stick are 8-way rather than 4-way.

Battery Life and Features:

The Jio Game Controller is a wireless controller that can be used up to a distance of 10 metres and connects to devices through Bluetooth 4.1, an outdated Bluetooth technology. Jio also claims that the gadget has minimal latency (the time it takes between a player hitting a button and the game reacting to it) and an eight-hour battery life, but real-life use statistics may differ.

The controller also charges via a MicroUSB connector and not a USB Type-C port, so you may have to have a backup cable ready for charging the controller. There seems to be no mention of a Wireless USB dongle, therefore Bluetooth tethering is your only choice here.


Jio claims that the Game Controller is compatible with Android smartphones, tablets, Android TV, and the Jio Set Top Box on its website. The Jio Game controller is unlikely to be compatible with PCs, laptops, or consoles due to Bluetooth connectivity limitations and the lack of a wireless dongle or USB type-C.

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