Hulu Review 2024

Hulu Review

The level of competition witnessed in the realm of video streaming services is insane. What sets Hulu apart is its robust on-demand streaming library and extensive live TV option. If you are a fan of network TV shows, FX and Disney, Hulu is your best bet. This live streaming service hosts over 45 million US subscribers. Despite the fact that this platform is not universally available like Netflix or Disney, its vast collection of TV and movies make it extremely popular.

When it comes to live TV, the channel coverage that Hulu has is unmatched. Also, its DVR features are far more superior compared to competitors. 


  • Incredible collection of TV series
  • Reliable cloud DVR 
  • Excellent library of original programs
  • Compatible with all media streaming devices
  • Comprehensive selection of live TV channels


  • Ad-based on-demand plan
  • Has lesser shows compared to streaming giants like Netflix and Prime
  • Offline download feature accessible only to Premium accounts
  • Less high-quality original content

Hulu Specifications

Pricing$7.99/month; $75.99/month
Number of StreamsAt home – unlimitedOn Mobile – 3
Original ProgrammingYes
On-demand movies and TV showsYes
Live TVYes
Offline Downloads on MobileYes
4k HDRYes

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What Can You Watch On Hulu?

TV shows have always been an integral part of Hulu’s on-demand library. The streaming service offers thousands of shows from diverse networks. The emergence of streaming services like Paramount+ and NBC’s Peacock has impacted Hulu’s content library. However, its association with Disney and its extensive collection of 21st Century Fox content shall aid its sustainability.

From animation shows like Archer, Bob’s Burgers, Adventure Time, Futurama, etc to drama shows including Killing Eve, The X-Files, The Orville, Hulu offers an extensive array of TV shows to choose from. If you are inclined towards shows that tickle your bones, you can opt for 30 Rock, Broad City, Scrubs, Malcolm in the Middle, etc. You can also binge watch FX shows on Hulu. This content-streaming giant serves as a great stream2watch alternative too.

Is The Ad-free Hulu Really Worth It?

There are two on-demand subscription plans available on Hulu. They are $8 (Basic Plan) and $18 (No Ads Plan). The shows and movies in each plan, however, are entirely the same. The only difference is that you pay more than double to just steer clear of ads.

The frequency of ads in the basic plan varies. For instance, you might see a 25 second ad before starting an episode and three to four 90 second ads in between the episode. However, if the episodes are longer, like about an hour or so, the number of ads will be more and hence the disruption will be greater. It will resemble watching the show on regular TV.

For the ones who are frequent users of the platform, purchasing a no-ads plan might be suitable. However, Netflix’s ad-free plan is priced at $15.50, which  is similar to that of Hulu’s. The major pro of the no-ads plan is that it permits offline downloads. 

Hulu’s Web Interface and Navigability

Hulu offers tonnes of personalisation options with respect to channels, genres, shows, etc and features a contemporary interface. That being said, the buttload of menu options can be confusing at times. Hulu has a My Stuff category which allows users to save the things that they wish to watch in one single folder which can be accessed at the top of the screen. The interface permits browsing by categories like TV shows, Networks, Hulu Originals, FX on Hulu, etc. 

The Hulu vs Netflix debate is literally never-ending and here’s why. Hulu’s search function is not as great when compared to that of Netflix. The results do not accurately match the query entered in the search bar and this can be frustrating.

Hulu Profiles and 4K Availability

Up to 6 user profiles can be added to Hulu alongside personalising each of them for receiving suitable recommendations in the future. One advantage Hulu has over Netflix is that it informs the user about the upcoming shows in the following months and the ones that are expiring. For individuals who prefer things to be a little extra organised, Hulu features the Hubs tab which seems like an added bonus.

THis tab makes navigation to channels, streaming collections, etc. seamless. Hulu also has Audio Description enabled title hub which caters to the visually impaired. Hulu has a limited library of 4K ultra HD content but it is continuing to add content in the same. Hulu Originals can be streamed on HDR, including HDR10 and HDR10 Plus. It also supports Dolby Vision on selected devices. You can opt for a 30-day free trial to check out the services of the platform before purchasing the ad-free pack.

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