How To Hide Your Followers On Instagram?

How to hide your followers on Instagram?
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Social media has entirely altered the concept of ‘privacy’. People these days know exactly what others are doing, where they are at the moment and all other intricacies of their lives. This is concerning for a lot of individuals out there who wish to leverage the digital world, yet want to retain their privacy.

The popularity of Instagram has skyrocketed in the past few years with more and more people turning their attention to this social media network. It is the 4th largest social media network and boasts over 500 million daily active users. Instagram videos are one of the most popular ways in which content is being consumed ever since the pandemic. For those who wish to hide their Instagram following, here are a few hacks that might come in handy for doing so. 

First let us delve deep into the privacy settings offered by Instagram that helps users safeguard their data and choose who can access their profiles.

  • Private and Public Accounts

A public account can be accessed by anyone, including the people who are not even present on the social media network. If your account is set to ‘public’, then any user can follow you, see your activity status, your profile, reels, videos, photos, etc. From commenting on your posts to interacting with other users on your timeline, setting your account to public allows everyone to engage with your account without any hindrance. 

On the contrary, a private account can be accessed by only your followers and not other random users on the network. Only they will be able to interact with your content, post comments, share reels, and send you direct messages. 
If you are a business owner, we recommend you stick to an Instagram business account for optimal reach and visibility.

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  • Activity Status

The last seen status/last active status can also be hidden from other Instagram users with the help of a feature within the application. However, if you enable this feature, it would restrict you from viewing the “last active” status of others as well.

  • Restrict Account

If you wish to avoid interactions with specific people without blocking them or removing them from your following list, then the “restrict” feature comes in handy. This feature hides all of their activities including their comments on your posts. Their messages appear in the “Message Requests” inbox rather than the “Direct Messages” inbox. 

Therefore, even if you read their messages, they will not know about it. Additionally, you will not receive any notification about their account, including those instances where they like, share or repost your content.

How Do I Hide My Followers On Instagram?

Instagram does not offer any dedicated feature to hide the following. However, there are a few methods which can help to hide your Instagram followers from others.

  1. Make Your Instagram Account Private

Switching your account from ‘public’ to ‘private’ helps hide your followers from complete strangers on the app. Enabling this will permit only your followers to access your follower list, your posts, etc. However, if you are a creator, setting your account to ‘private’ might constrict your reach on the app. 

Have your account set to public, yet struggling with ‘reach’, check out our detailed guide to get more views on Instagram reels.

To set your account to private, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Instagram application and click on the profile picture displayed in the lower right corner  of the app.
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of the screen
  3. Navigate to the ‘Settings and Privacy’ section.
  4. Head to ‘Account Privacy’ and click on it.
  5. Turn on the toggle to activate it
  6. In the confirmation pop-up, tap on ‘Switch to Private’ 

Limitations of a ‘Private’ Account

  • You will need to approve the following request manually which can consume a lot of time. On one hand you can exercise greater control over who gets access to your information and who doesn’t, but on the other, you also need to invest a lot of time and effort in checking and approving every follow request.
  • A private account can be a nightmare for your reach and engagement. It will deliver to a limited audience and will reduce your discoverability. A public account, conversely, will help your account reach more potential followers. 

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2. Remove Unwanted Followers from Your List

This is especially helpful in instances when you want to hide your content from someone who is already following you. In that case setting your account to private won’t help since the person is already there in your follower list. Removing them from your account will prevent their access to your profile. They will have to resend you a follow request and will be able to regain access to your content, only if you approve them.

To remove followers from your Instagram account, follow these steps highlighted below:

  • Open your Instagram profile and click on the picture in the lower right corner
  • In the upper section of the screen, tap on ‘followers’
  • Find the users you wish to remove from your account and tap remove in the button next to their names

Limitations of Removing Followers 

  • Doing so will obviously decrease your overall follower count which might adversely impact your presence on the platform.
  • This would also negatively impact your engagement in terms of likes, comments and shares. This will subsequently limit your reach and visibility.

3. Blocking Users on Instagram

Blocking is undeniably the best option to restrict users from accessing your personal information. If you block a user on Instagram, they will not be able to access your profile at all on Instagram. They would not even be able to find you on the social media network. 

To block a user, follow the steps highlighted below:

  • Head to the person’s Instagram profile you would like to block and click on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the ‘Block’ button 
  • Select the option that says block ‘xyz’ and other accounts they may create
  • Tap on block and you’re done.

Limitations of Blocking Users

  • Blocking does not always guarantee that the user won’t be able to access your account. If your account is set to ‘public’, then the user might easily be able to create a fake account and gain access to your content.
  • You will be unable to see their comments and likes on your post which could affect your overall engagement.

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