Guide: How To UnZip And Extract Files On Mac?

How To UnZip Files On Mac And Extract Contents

Looking for techniques to unZip .Zip and .RAR files on Mac? This guide covers all the different methods to extract data from compressed files with ease.

What is a ZIP file?

Large files are often compressed into Zip files to save storage space and segregate files in an organized manner. Besides compressing large files, Zip files help with encryption, and split archives. When we need to share files online, sharing one single compressed Zip files instead of 10 or more individual ones is more convenient and seamless.

To gain access to the content within a Zip file, it is necessary to extract the files from within. The article highlights the various ways in which files within a Zip or RAR file can be extracted.

Are Zip Files Safe?

Zip file groups several files together alongside compressing them. Hence this file format is one of the most sought after file formats online.  On thw downside, the contents within a ZIP file cannotbe viewed unless opened. Thus, it is deployed by cybercriminals to execute maliacious activities and infiltrate Mac devices. In most cases, ZIP files in a Mac can be accessed only with theird-party software.

ZIP formats often protect the internal files with a password and also allow users to add additional information within like comments, or other context.

How To UnZip Files On Mac? (Safe and Reliable)

The simplest way to unZip files is to double click on the same post which a list of folders contatined within the .Zip file shall be displayed. Mac Archive Utility feature on Mac helps users unZip files on Mac without necessitating the use of any additional software. This feature iis used to compress and decompress Zip files. Third-party apps can be used in order to extract RAR, ISO, 7Z, etc file formats.

Mentioned below are simple solutions to unZip RAR and ZIP files on Mac.

1.     Use a Zip Reader/ Zip Extractors for Mac

Using Zip extractor or RAR file extractors can be very helpful to get a centralized control over the files within the compressed folder. This integrates compression and decompression of files and can be utilised seamlessly. Installing third-party applications compatible with Mac are beneficial in cases when the files are in other formats like RAR, 7Zip, TGZ, TBZ, etc.

Apart from offering to compress files into archives and decompressing files, these tools incroproate advanced searcg features and alos allow users to give password protection to their files. They also allow users to move files within and in between two separate archives without having to unZip them.

How To Use Them?

  1. Downlaod the third-party tool and then launch it.
  2. Go to the archive file that you want to unZip.
  3. Double-click on the file and a list of sub files contatined within will open up.
  4. Right click on the file, click on the “extract file” option.
  5. The tool will then begin extracting the folders and files within the Zip file.

2.     Archive Utility

This features allows Mac users to unzip their files with the click of a button. This utility tool offers an assortment of decompression options. To use this features, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Head to the “Archive Utility” option.
  2. Locate the application and click on the same.
  3. Navigate to Preference settings.
  4. Once you click it, several options are displayed on a window. Select the option that fulfills your requirements.

3.     Use “Finder” to UnZip Files On Mac

Yu can use the help of “Finder” to extract the contents of a Zip file and place them in the parent folder. Follow the steps mentioned below to use the “Finder” to extract Zip files.

  1. Head to the Finder application.
  2. Choose the Zip file that you wan tot unzip.
  3. Double-click on the archive (Zip or RAR) file.
  4. The files that are extracted get stored in the allotted folder within the Finder.
  5. If there are multiple files within the archive, then this tool will create a folder while decompressing the Zip file. The folder will bear the same name as that of the archived file.

Use any one of the above mentioned steps to extract the contents of your Zip and RAR files.

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