Google Salary Data Leak: Here’s How Much Employees Earn At This Tech Giant

Wonder How Much Employees Earned At Google Take A Look At Their Salaries


  • An internal spreadsheet obtained by Insider highlighted the salaries of different professionals at Google in 2022.
  • The sheet contains the salary data of over 12000 US-based Google employees.
  • Google employees received a median total compensation worth $2,79,802 (Rs 2.30 crore) last year.

A leaked internal spreadsheet, obtained by Business Insider, highlights the staggering amount of compensation earned by US-based Google employees in 2022. The total median compensation amounted to approximately 2.3 crores (USD 279,802) making them the chart toppers for highest earning professionals in the US.

The sheet encompasses data of over 12000 US employees for an diverse roles and positions like data analysts, sales professionals, software engineers, etc alongside containing data on equity and bonuses. Employees at the tech behemoth voluntarily submitted this data.

With a base salary of approximately 6 crores (USD 718K), software engineers raked in the highest salaries at the tech giant in 2022.

RankPositionTotal base salary in 2022 in USD
1.Software Engineer718,000
2.Engineering Manager400,000
3.Enterprise Direct Sales377,000
4.Legal Corporate Counsel320,000
4.Sales Strategy320,000
6.UX Designer315,000
7.Government Affairs and Public Policy312,000
8.Research Scientist309,000
9.Cloud Sales301,000
10.Program Manager300,000

However, it should be emphasised that the data does not include compensation from other businesses owned by Alphabet, the parent company of Google. The figures are also based on data provided by a small number of employees because not all of them felt comfortable disclosing their equity and incentive information.

Vici Properties, a real estate investment trust, took first place in the survey, paying its employees a typical compensation of $415,000 (about Rs. 3.40 crore) in 2022. Following it were Alphabet ($280,000 or about 2.29 crore), followed by Meta ($300,000).

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