Google Chrome Emergency Update Fixes New Zero-Day Vulnerability; Google Says Update Now



  • The update is being distributed for Chrome on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • The zero-day vulnerability is identified as CVE-2022-3075.
  • The bug’s specifics are still unknown.

Google is releasing a significant update for the desktop version of Google Chrome to fix a very risky zero-day vulnerability. According to Google, the “CVE-2022-3075” vulnerability has been fixed in version 105.0.5195.102 of the Chrome desktop app for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Google said it won’t release information about the bug’s specifics until the majority of users are updated with a fix. To prevent hackers, it is standard practise among tech companies to release data later.

Google revealed in a blog post that the update is being distributed specifically to address this issue. The CVE-2022-3075 zero-day vulnerability was discovered by an anonymous security researcher on August 8. It is a case of insufficient data validation in Mojo. This is a collection of runtime libraries that offer a platform-independent method for inter-process communication (IPC), as The Hacker News stated.

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According to Google, the most recent update should fix the CVE-2022-3075 vulnerability that is known to be in use. Since the beginning of the year, Google has patched six zero-day vulnerabilities. “Zero-day” is a general term used to describe recently identified security vulnerabilities that hackers can utilise to attack systems, according to security firm Kaspersky.

The phrase “zero-day” alludes to the fact that the vendor or developer has only just learned of the flaw, meaning they have “zero days” to fix it. In simple words, it’s a vulnerability that researchers or attackers detect before the vendor or developer does.

As previously said, Google recommends users to update their browsers as quickly as possible to ensure their online security. Open the browser > Click on the three dots in the upper left > Settings > About Chrome to check the Google Chrome version on a desktop. Usually, Chrome displays a green icon next to the URL bar to let users know when an update is available. The same section is where users can manually check for availability.

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