Did You Know iPhones Shouldn’t be Charged 100%, and Here’s Why

Did You Know iPhones Shouldn't be Charged 100%, and Here's Why

We’ve all experienced it: when your phone is near to dying, you rush to find a charger and are relieved when it hits 100%. It seems like it’s ready for anything! But wait just a moment! What if your long-standing practice of charging your iPhone to 100% could do more damage than good in the long run?

This article explores the unexpected reality of iPhone batteries and explains why it might not be the greatest idea to always charge them 100%. We’ll discuss how charging practices might affect battery life and advise you on how to streamline your process for an iPhone that lasts longer. So, let go of your fear of charging and get ready to discover some battery-saving tips!

Why is it harmful to charge an iPhone to 100%?

Here are some reasons why you should not be charging your iPhone to 100%:

  1. Tiny Battery Tanks: Special batteries used in iPhones function as tiny power tanks. They can only store so much at once, just like any other tank.
  2. The 100% Habit: Every time you charge your iPhone to 100%, you’re slightly overstressing its battery. The battery degrades and loses its ability to retain a charge more quickly the more you do this.
  3. Consider it like a balloon: Your phone’s battery is similar to that of a balloon. The more you keep it charged to 100%, the more quickly it wears down and loses its capacity to retain a charge for an extended period. Just like you wouldn’t want to blow up your balloon too many times, you can help your battery stay healthy and live longer by preventing it from hitting 100% all the time!

How do batteries degrade, and how can that be prevented?

While it may not be the greatest for your phone’s long-term health, we all like the pleasure of watching our iPhone reach 100% charge. The situation is as follows:

  • Phone Batteries: The iPhone uses a special kind of battery called lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have a maximum number of charges before they run out of capacity.
  • The 100% Habit: Your iPhone counts as one of those restricted charges each time it is completely charged to 100%. The more you do this, the faster the battery will lose its capacity to keep a charge for an extended period.
  • Continuously operating at 100% is like overtaxing your battery. It may cause your phone to expire sooner and limit its longevity.

Benefits of Protecting a Battery From Degrading

A robust battery has a longer capacity to keep charge. Consider a time when your phone could only last 10 hours on a charge, compared to 12 hours in the past. Maintaining the health of your battery brings it closer to the 12-hour threshold. Your phone may become slow and sluggish due to a low battery. By maintaining the condition of your battery, you may prevent these irksome slowdowns.

Internal Functions on iPhones That Aid in Preserving Battery Life

Apple has developed many battery-saving strategies, resulting in longer-lasting, higher-quality phones. Using information from the owner’s previous battery usage, the Settings app’s Optimized Battery Charging function, located in the Battery Health section, prevents a phone from charging over 80% until the owner is ready to use it. Apple also sends out battery-related alerts to its consumers. Customers will be informed, for example, if their phone is constantly charging at 100% to protect the battery. The Low Power Mode on phones, which turns on when the battery is 20% or lower, may annoy certain users. Still, it reduces battery degeneration by encouraging the user to charge the phone.

Finally, even though it may seem instinctive to constantly charge your iPhone to 100%, this practice reduces the device’s lifespan. You may prolong the life of your phone’s battery and enjoy it for longer by adhering to a few easy guidelines, such as avoiding continuous 100% charges and using Optimized Charging, one of the iPhone’s built-in capabilities. 

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