How To Bypass SMS Verification On Websites (2024)?

bypass phone sms verification

The indispensable tools of communication, phone numbers, are deployed to validate the authenticity of the user on various sites including social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Phone SMS verification when creating accounts on websites and applications, ensures safety of user data. Some websites require users to provide their phone numbers in order to gain access to their content.

However, not everyone is comfortable sharing their personal information on random websites and applications. This is where ‘disposable or virtual phone numbers’ come into play. These are temporary phone numbers that can be acquired from providers and apps. They help bypass the phone SMS verification and help safeguard the privacy of the user on social media, messaging apps and other online platforms.

What Are Disposable Phone Numbers?

On the instances, where you do not want to use your personal phone number to sign up or log in to different websites, these disposable phone numbers can be leveraged. Disposable phone numbers are temporary in nature and help bypass SMS verification without handing over personal information to third-parties.

These numbers are valid only for a specific duration of time and therefore, shall not be used for communication purposes as they become obsolete after some time. These disposable phone numbers provide the users with a temporary inbox where all OTPs and PINs are received. Some selected disposable phone number providers also permit the call facility. Keep reading if you wish to know more about the free SMS verification code bypass service.

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Best Websites To Bypass Phone SMS Verification Online In 2024 (Safe & Secure)

There are several websites that help bypass SMS verification online. Listed below are the most preferred ones.

1. Receive SMS

This website allows you to bypass SMS verification by providing three random disposable numbers. The numbers permit verification and registration on various websites. The users need to navigate to the ‘inbound messages’ section of the website in order to access the code. All the messages received are auto deleted after 24 hours. The virtual numbers provided by the website are replaced with new ones on a monthly basis.

The paid version of this website allows users to create a ‘private inbox’ and get access to a dedicated phone number. This site permits payments via Bitcoin.

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2. Free Phone Num

This website provides 10 US numbers and 5 Canadian numbers which help bypass SMS verification on websites online. This site offers an additional feature which entails sending ‘text messages’ and making ‘phone calls’. This feature, however, is only accessible for US and Canada-based users.

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3. Receive SMS Online For Free

This website US dummy numbers for SMS verification purpose. These numbers are replaced with new number every month. To use this service, copy and paste the dummy number on the website you are trying to log in to or sign up for. Then click on the number page and refresh to view the news messages with verification codes.

This site also allows users to purchase phone numbers from other countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, etc. Pricing variations exist across different countries.

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4. Free Online Phone

This website too provides temporary numbers to help evade SMS based entry restrictions on websites. The app provides numbers spanning diverse countries like Canada, US and UK. This service is free to use.

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5. SMS Receive

This website offers dummy numbers from several countries like France, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, etc. The numbers are free to use and help circumvent the SMS verifications on websites. The messages are visible in real-time so you can see the code during sign up or log in instantly. You can also buy private numbers on this website in order to safeguard your personal number and related information from being accessed by third parties.

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6. Textverified

This website also provides disposable phone numbers to help evade SMS verification. This site also provides ‘voice verification’ along with SMS and text verifications. Choose any number that is displayed on the site, enter it into the verifying network (website you are logging in to or signing up for), return back to the Textverified site, copy the code and paste it into the third-party site you are trying to access.

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7. Temporary Phone Number

This site is particularly useful when you need an Indian number. These numbers can be deployed for varied website verification purposes like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. The virtual phone numbers offered by this site can be used to receive SMS from any website online. The messages received on the numbers provided by this site are discarded after 7 days. The numbers are replaced with new ones every month.

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The websites listed above are free to use and have paid plans as well. The disposable or virtual phone numbers provided by these sites help circumvent the SMS verifications while logging in to websites including social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, individuals should refrain from using the numbers provided by these sites for illegal activities as this is a punishable offence. These sites help you keep your personal phone number and the information associated with it safe from third parties.

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