5 Best ChatGPT Plugins You Must Use Right Now

best Chatgpt plugins

The OpenAI-backed language model, ChatGPT empowers users with amazing features and data that helps streamline workflows and enhance productivity. This revolutionary tool has found applicability in several verticals like health care, customer service, content creation, programming, coding, etc. Though the tool’s functionality at the base level is exceptional, you can augment its capabilities by using these plugins. 

However, identifying the best chatGPT plugins from the wide range of options available on the internet, can seem like a daunting task. We have saved you the trouble of scouring through a colossal array of plugins and curated some of the top picks. 

How To Install ChatGPT Plugins?

The Premium version of the OpenAI-powered AI tool is equipped with features like custom instructions, code interpreters, etc. It also includes plugin capabilities to ensure optimal utilisation of the software. These add-on tools amplify the core functionality of ChatGPT through the deployment of third-party services and run computations. The plugin can be accessed only if you own a ChatGPT Plus subscription. 

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To install a ChatGPT plugin, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Navigate to the lower right corner of the home screen and click on your account name
  • Head to “Settings & Beta” and click on the “Beta features” tab.
  • Toggle the slider beside “plugins” 
  • Click on “Accept” when you see the ‘About plugins’ message.
  • Navigate to ‘create a new prompt’ and choose the GPT-4 slider
  • A drop down displaying various versions of the GPT-4 model will be visible to you
  • Click on “Plugins (Beta)”
  • You will see a “No plugins enabled” drop down under the model selector.
  • From there, head to the ChatGPT plugin store.
  • Choose the plugin you want to use and click on the install button.
  • You might be asked to sign up for certain plugins.
  • Head to the “No plugins enabled” drop down and tick on the plugins you wish to use.

Currently, the interface allows users to deploy a maximum of three plugins for any one prompt.

5 Best ChatGPT Plugins To Maximise Productivity

Choosing the best plugin depends on the kind of work that you do and the kind of information that you require. Try out these amazing plugins mentioned below and thank us later!


This open-source plugin allows users to engage and interact with online content in an intuitive and natural way. All you need to do is input a URL and feed in prompts like translation, rewriting, explaining, refining, etc. You can interact with both single and multiple web pages using this plugin. Users can gain insights on specific topics, delve into research outcomes and learn new subjects and languages as well. This platform equips users with the ability to streamline and automate their workflow which magnifies efficiency to a great extent. 


Tired of juggling back and forth in between apps? This ChatGPT plugin will allow you to integrate and link up over 5000 apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, Slack, etc. and help you execute over 50,000 tasks seamlessly. Once you link the apps with ChatGPT using the extension, you can instruct ChatGPT to fulfil the task on your behalf. The extension can help you draft entire emails alongside sending extensive slack messages. 

Link Reader

There are a tonne of Google Chrome extensions available out there that can read webpages for you. However, Link Reader can be a life saver for those who are not very inclined to or familiar with using extensions. This ChatGPT plugin can read content on almost all kinds of links like web pages, images, PDFs, ppt slides, word documents, etc. It can summarise and help you comprehend the information listed on several sources. It is a very handy plugin for those who wish to gather the latest news surrounding a specific topic.


Are you someone who isn’t a fan of video content? Then VoxScript is the plugin for you. If a YouTube video has transcripts, then this tool will extract it and summarise it for your usage. Therefore, ditch extensions and install this plugin to fetch Youtube details in the blink of an eye and access videos in written format. 

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If you are keen on learning new languages this plugin is your best bet. It helps you get detailed translation along with alternative phrases that can prove to be extremely helpful. It supports an array of languages ranging from Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese. It is a great tool that can be used for communicating in unfamiliar languages. 

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