Best Automation Software Tools You Need To Get Your Hands On Right Now

Best Automation Software Tools (2024)

Handling multiple tasks simultaneously seems like a daunting task especially in today’s world which is cramming with competition. Doing repetitive tasks might negatively affect the overall efficiency and diminish productivity. Technological advancements have made automation seem like a child’s play. Modern software and hardware tools have made automation extremely advanced. 

You can assign the time consumed by repetitive tasks to automation and utilise that time more effectively. They help achieve consistency and also reduce human error. From email marketing and capturing leads to analytics and social media, automation are capable of accomplishing several tasks seamlessly.

Best Automation Software Tools of 2024

Try out these unique automation software tools in 2024 and let us know which one helped you in exponentially increasing your productivity.


This software and project management tool helps create recurring reminders for meetings, automate task assignment, post comments, move statuses, and so on. It deploys intelligent automation in order to reduce dependency on manual labour which can consequently be assigned creative use. 

Any action is automatically executed by Clickup when a particular trigger meets a condition. It also hosts other benefits like task reminders, track task statuses, gantt charts (manage deadlines based on overview of a specific task), etc. 

Its free forever plan is excellent for personal use. For small teams, the $7/member per month plan is excellent. The teams which are mid-sized can opt for the $12/member per month plan. 

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    This automation software has a wide range of templates and helps you set rules in just a few clicks. You can set rules like deciding when a subtask closes, auto-assign rules to engineers. Schedule a variety of tasks, etc. You can also manage product changes and updates with the help of this tool. You can integrate it with other software like Slack and GitHub.

    The tool is free for up to 10 users. Its paid plan is priced at $7/user per month.


    You can connect over 750 apps with the help of Zapier. It helps you integrate and automate tasks seamlessly with a single trigger. You can set ground rules with the help of filters. You can keep a track of the automation practices using Zap history. Additionally, the tool also hosts a variety of automated workflow templates.

    You can opt for the free plan or the paid one depending upon your requirements. The pain plan is priced at $29.99/month.

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    Streamline your routine tasks for maximum efficiency with this project management and collaboration tool. You need to be online for this automation tool to function. You can automate almost anything with the help of natural language command. You can set due dates for tasks which then prompts you to take actions for the completion of the same. You can opt for the free plan that Trello offers. The paid version is priced at $6/user per month.

    Zoho Flow

    You can automate business processes by integrating your key applications within the Zoho Flow ecosystem and by automating multi-step workflows. The only con of this automation software tool is that it has limited integration options beyond the Zoho ecosystem. You can create contextual flows with the help of this tool. Also, the tool deploys Deluge, which is Zoho’s scripting language, to facilitate data flow between apps. The pricing of the tool starts at $10/month.

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