Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset to Optimize Iris Scanning To Make Payments

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Will Allow To Make Payments With Your Eyes


  • It has been speculated that Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset would have an Iris Scanning method as an additional security measure.
  • This headset has the potential to be utilized for authenticating payments, and it also has the capability of switching between user accounts in a smooth manner.
  • According to the reports, the eye tracking device would come with both a transmitter and a receiver that can analyze the user’s eye movements.

The Apple mixed reality headset remains a popular topic of discussion in the media for some time at this point. The most recent piece of information reveals that iris scanning would be used for both logging in and making purchases with the rumored mixed reality (MR) headset.

A statement that surfaced at the end of the previous month stated that officials from Apple Inc. showcased their forthcoming mixed reality headgear to the board of directors of the corporation and that the product had achieved advanced stages of development.

This would function similarly to the fingerprint feature or Face ID identification that Apple offers, and it would make it possible for numerous users to share a single headset. Iris scanning was something that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said would be possible with a mixed reality headgear last year.

According to a report by The Information, the eye-tracking device is equipped with both a transmitter and a receiver capable of performing motion analysis on the eyes. Iris scanning will be used by Apple’s virtual and augmented reality headset to authenticate users while making payments and logging into their accounts.

The technique for iris recognition will simplify it for various users to operate the same device simultaneously. It will also make it possible for users to speedily make payments from within the headset, similar to how some models of the iPhone permit users to verify payments by scanning their fingerprints or faces.

The functioning of Apple’s fingerprint scanner or Face ID could be comparable to that of the eye-scanning headset. In the event that the rumor proves to be true, the inclusion of the newly developed eye-scanning device could have an edge over Meta’s recently-launched Quest Pro headset.

Aluminum and glass are all probable elements of the upcoming gadget, which may also be composed of mesh fabrics. Users of Apple’s headset will be able to record motion to more precisely portray real-world actions on digital avatars if the headset is equipped with up to 14 cameras, as has been rumored.

It has been reported that the mixed reality headset will supposedly utilize the M2 CPU together with 16 gigabytes of RAM. It has the potential to provide users the ability to view things that are normally hidden from the naked eye. There is a possibility that users may be able to view gas leaks and Wi-Fi signals through the headset. 

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Its speculated sticker price of $3,000 is double the price of the Quest Pro, which is itself marketed as a high-end headset for experts, instead of a consumer device designed for the general market.

The release of Apple’s headgear is now projected to take place in 2023, although the company has been working on this project for many years, and the debut date has reportedly been pushed back more than once.

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