Android Users Will Now Get Google Meet On Gmail

Google Meet To Be Available To Android Users On Gmail


  • Google rolls out Google Meet on Gmail for Android users
  • The update will be gradual but will be switched on by default
  • Users will, however, be able to disable Google Meet in Gmail

Google had, earlier, announced that it will integrate Google Meet with Gmail, this will help users with a Gmail account to access the video-conferencing application. The integration initially took place for the web browsers users and last week iOS GSuite users received the update.

Now, 9to5 Google reports an update where Google will be integrating Google Meet with Gmail for Android users.

Not all the users will receive the update immediately, however, it will be available in the coming 15 days. The update will first reach GSuite users.

The all-new Google meet-Gmail integration will have Gmail on the left side of the window and Google Meet on the right side. As the user taps on the Meet option, they will be directed to a new page where they will have the option to either begin a new meeting or join an existing meeting.

The GSuite users who want to use Gmail and Google Meet separately will be able to remove Google Meet from Gmail. This can be done by going to the Settings via the hamburger button or the 3 lines on top of the screen. Users will then get then option to toggle on or off the Google Meet.

This update will be turned on by default hence the Gmail users will be able to see it in the weeks to come. Users who have Google Meet applications will still have the ability to use it separately as it will not be rendered non-operational.

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As and when a user will make calls using the application, he/ she will not be redirected to Gmail.

Earlier in July, 9to5 Google reported that the version 2020.06 has been incorporated for “Chat” and “Rooms” along with Google Meet. Leaked slides of Gmail redesign posted by Tahin Rahman on Twitter show the new Gmail with Chats, Google Meet, and Docs.

Google wants to make it even more convenient for its users to access Google products from a single screen. One leaked slide from Gmail design says that “your new home for work” is “right in Gmail.”

Apart from the Google Meet integration, Gmail could also house bottom bar tabs for Chat and Rooms. Chats will be ideal for one-on-one meetings, Rooms will aim at collaborations.

A report suggests, “In Google Chat, users see one-to-one and group chats with profile avatars featuring activity/status indicators. Like with emails, Google will ‘nudge’ users to take action on ‘neglected chats’.”

Last month, Google Chat was available to the GSuite customers on the Web and reports suggest it is meant to replace Hangouts.

Google Rooms show larger conversations for teams and projects.

The latest redesign will give the users the ability to open Google Docs while viewing Rooms in Gmail web application without having to leave the conversation.

Tabs will also let users view the shared “Files” and “Tasks”. Additionally, users can have picture-in-picture video calls to “side-by-side document editing alongside chat,”.

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