Affordable Netflix Ad-Supported Subscription To Launch In November: Price, Benefits And Other Details

Affordable Netflix Plans With Ads To Debut Next Month


  • In order to show users with the most relevant ads, Netflix will work with agencies.
  • It will collaborate with Nielsen and utilise Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) in the US.
  • According to Netflix, Basic with Ads is compatible with the company’s current Basic, Standard, and Premium subscriptions.

The Netflix ad-supported subscription, intended for users unwilling to pay for its regular (and expensive) plans, has finally been launched. The new plan is similar in price to Netflix’s premium plan in India, which is priced at Rs 649 ($6.99) per month. However, the “Basic with Ads” ad-supported plan will release on November 3 in the US. Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, and the UK will later have access to it.

The Basic with Ads subscription from Netflix was first introduced over six months ago, as the company continued to experience a decline in subscriber counts. Microsoft collaborated in developing this tier. According to Netflix, the Basic with Ads plan offers the same benefits as the current ad-free Basic, Standard, and Premium subscriptions.

Its features include:

  • HD (720p) video streaming is available.
  • One streaming device supported (mobile, tablet, PC or TV).
  • 4 to 5 minutes of advertisements per hour.
  • No download options for titles.
  • Restricted selection, but includes Netflix original content.

The company clarifies on the kind of ads users will see by stating that they will run before and during shows and movies for 15 or 30 seconds. This model will be used at launch and could be changed later.

Additionally, Netflix will work with agencies to provide its users with the most relevant ads. In the US, for instance, the company will collaborate with Nielsen and use its Digital Ad Ratings (DAR). An post on a blog states, “While it’s still very early days, we’re pleased with the interest from both consumers and the advertising community and couldn’t be more excited about what’s ahead. As we learn from and improve the experience, we expect to launch in more countries over time”.

Netflix subscription options are rather expensive in the US, especially when we consider exchange rates. The monthly cost of the entry-level ad-free subscription is $9.99 (or around Rs 800). The monthly prices for the basic and premium plans are $15.49 (approximately Rs 1,300) and $19.99 (about Rs 1,600), respectively. Netflix should therefore introduce an ad-supported option for the time being. In December 2021, the company decreased the cost of its plans. The current price of the mobile plan is Rs 149. Costing Rs 199, Rs 499, and Rs 649, respectively, are the basic, standard, and premium plans.

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