A Closer Look At OpenAI’s Dall-E 3 With ChatGPT Integration For Text-To-Image Generation


  • Users of ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise will get access to Dall-E 3.
  • It will be accessible through the API.
  • The tool’s most recent version, according to OpenAI, will contain stronger safety features.

With its ground-breaking AI chatbot, ChatGPT, OpenAI disrupted the tech industry. The GPT-3.5-powered AI tool created a kind of craze among millions of individuals, and they started experimenting with the chatbot. A few months later, Microsoft unveiled the brand-new Bing AI, its own AI tool. Additionally, Bing AI has the ability to create images from text prompts, which ChatGPT does not.

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Today, people all across the world use Bing AI to generate AI images, powered by OpenAI’s Dall-E. Dall-E has been in existence since November 2021. And with the debut of Dall-E 2 in 2022, it became much more powerful.

Dall-E 3, which is considerably more powerful than its predecessor and can generate more crisp images from text prompts, was recently introduced by OpenAI. What else? Dall-E 3 has been integrated with ChatGPT, so you don’t even need to be skilled at generating prompts because the AI chatbot will do it for you.

Up until now, it was thought of as a skill to write the precise, detailed prompt for an AI image. However, with the release of Dall.E 3, all you need to do is specify what you want the image to be about, and ChatGPT and Dall-E will take care of the rest. According to OpenAI’s website, since Dall-E 3 is based on ChatGPT, users can rely on the AI chatbot to improve and detail their prompts.

The company tells users to “just ask ChatGPT what you want to see in anything from a simple sentence to a detailed paragraph.”

OpenAI describes Dall-E 3 on its website, saying, “DALL-E 3 understands significantly more nuance and detail than our previous systems, allowing you to easily translate your ideas into exceptionally accurate images.”

Additionally, according to OpenAI, some text-to-image generating systems may overlook specific terms or descriptions, which “forces users to learn prompt engineering.” Dall-E 3, however, eliminates the need for this because it “represents a leap forward in our (OpenAI’s) ability to generate images that exactly adhere to the text you provide.”

In other words, OpenAI asserts that AI can generate excellent images without the need for people to learn prompt engineering.

Users of ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise will have first access to Dall-E 3. Both of these are premium ChatGPT versions that use the latest and powerful llm GPT-4. Dall-E 3 will be accessible to ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise users as early as next month. Following that, an API service will be launched. According to a report by The Verge, OpenAI did not respond on the idea of a free public version.

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