7 Best PDF Editors for Android in 2024

Best Android PDF

It’s now possible to edit PDFs on your Android tablet or phone! You may now edit these files immediately on your mobile device, just like on a PC, thanks to a number of fantastic apps that have surfaced. With the help of these PDF editors, you may alter text, add photos, highlight and annotate documents, and even electronically sign papers. There is an ideal PDF editor for Android out there, regardless of your needs whether you want to spend money on more sophisticated features or want a fully free solution.

  1. Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat is a dependable option if you’re looking for a feature-rich solution with capabilities like document merging, password security, and picture manipulation.

While the basic functionalities are available without charge, deeper editing features require a subscription. It increases your accessibility by integrating with cloud storage alternatives with ease.

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader Detailed

  • Date of Publish: May 24, 2010
  • Purchases made in-app: $1.99 to $99.99 per item
  • Monthly subscription: $9.99 | Annually: $69.99
  • Support for ChromeOS: Yes
  • Adobe is the app publisher.
  • Categories: Efficiency

Important characteristics:

  • Extensive features in PDFs.
  • Incorporated with the Document Cloud offering from Adobe.
  • Add notes, complete forms, and provide a connection to cloud storage.
  • You may access additional editing tools by subscribing.
  1. Mini PDF

Smallpdf is a great free solution for those who occasionally need to convert documents. Although its user-friendly interface makes processing files simple, regular users can find the constraints on everyday actions annoying.

If you value simplicity above all else and don’t mind the odd constraint, Smallpdf could be your preferred PDF editor.

Details of Smallpdf

  • Date of Publication: January 6, 2020
  • Purchases made in-app: $12.00 to $108,000 per item
  • Monthly subscription: $9
  • Support for ChromeOS: X No
  • Publisher of App: Smallpdf

Important characteristics:

  • Free with restrictions.
  • Perfect for the occasional conversion of documents.
  • Simple to use UI.
  • Daily activity restrictions are eliminated by subscription.
  1. Xodo

Xodo is a good substitute for Smallpdf which offers several free functions, such as text recognition and file converting.

Regular PDF annotators will find it to be a fantastic option because of its paid membership, which improves annotation tools. Try both Xodo and Smallpdf to see whether the interface is more to your taste:

Xodo in-depth

  • Date of Publication: January 20, 2014
  • In-app purchases cost $2.99 to $108.00 each.
  • Subscription: $108 year | $12 monthly
  • Support for ChromeOS: X No
  • Publisher of the app: Apryse Software Inc.

Important characteristics:

  • Free with a restricted daily activity list.
  • Annotation, text recognition, and file conversion.
  • Annotation tools are improved with a premium membership.
  1. PDF Added

PDF Extra, which is well-known for its simplicity, provides a simplified interface with instant access to all features. It is unique in that it has extensive scanning possibilities, particularly for ID cards and passports.


Nevertheless, the majority of sophisticated features require a membership, which makes it perfect for customers who value a simple approach to PDF

PDF Extra Comprehensive

  • Date of publication: September 16, 2013
  • Purchases made within apps: $4.99 to $149.99 per item
  • Monthly Subscription: $4.19
  • Support for ChromeOS: YES
  • App Developer: MobiSystems
  • Categories: Productivity

Important characteristics:

  • simplified and easy to use.
  • comprehensive scanning choices.
  • The daily activity cap; most utilities require a membership to unlock.
  1. PDFelement

With its wealth of sophisticated capabilities, PDFelement excels when handling big documents. However, customers may be discouraged from looking for free choices by its subscription-based strategy.

Even though PDFelement has a less user-friendly design, its organizing features and search capabilities make it useful for managing complicated documents.

PDFelement in-Depth

  • Date of Publication: September 27, 2017
  • Purchases made in-app: $3.99 to $129.99 per item
  • Monthly subscription: $3.99 | Annually $24.99
  • Support for ChromeOS: Yes
  • Publisher of the app: Wondershare Technology
  • Categories: Efficiency

Important characteristics:

  • plenty of cutting-edge features.
  • Organizing and searching tools that are intuitive
  • Watermarks on altered documents are eliminated by subscription.
  1. Foxit

Once you get used to its structure, Foxit offers a user-friendly experience by striking a balance between simplicity and capabilities.

It works well with many PDF files at once and provides a collection of templates for rapid document generation. With its reasonable price and useful features, Foxit is a good option for those who need adaptability.

Foxit in Detail

  • Date of publication: January 17, 2013
  • Annual subscription fee: $10.99
  • Support for ChromeOS: Yes
  • Foxit Software is the app publisher.
  • Categories: Efficiency

Important characteristics

  • Important characteristics:
  • plenty of cutting-edge features.
  • Organizing and searching tools that are intuitive
  • Watermarks on altered documents are eliminated by subscription.


Your demands will determine which Android PDF editor is ideal for you. Though it requires a membership for advanced editing, Adobe Acrobat Reader is a strong solution with cloud connection. Smallpdf provides a simple and cost-free option for seldom use, although everyday usage can be restricted. PDF Extra puts simplicity and scanning first, whereas Xodo strikes a balance between free and premium capabilities. Although it uses a subscription basis, PDFelement excels at handling complicated documents. Ultimately, Foxit hits the sweet spot: it’s easy to use, compatible with most PDFs, and has templates, making it a flexible option. Check out Smallpdf and Xodo to determine which interface is the most user-friendly for you, and see whether the premium capabilities of other editors fit well with your workflow.

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