500 Px Review: Details, Pricing & Features (2024)

500 px Review 2024

Photographers can use 500px to display their greatest work and connect with other like-minded people. It functions similarly to an online gallery where you may share your images with the public. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional photographer, 500px provides a platform for you to share your photos and get inspiration from other gifted photographers throughout the globe. 500px is an environment that fosters creativity and allows photographers to explore, learn, and develop together thanks to its user-friendly design and active community, unlike other cloud storage options like Internxt.

500px may be more suitable for photographers looking to showcase and sell their work, while pCloud may be a better option for users looking for a dedicated and secure cloud storage solution.

Here’s What We Think Of 500 Px

The website 500px was created with photographers in mind. It enables you to execute three primary tasks:

  1. Make a profile: Display your photographs by making a profile where you may upload images, write captions, and even include links to your website or social network accounts. Additionally, you can organize your photographs into galleries.
  2. Look for motivation: Explore 500px’s most popular images, look for certain photographers or topics, and join groups to interact with other photographers and receive comments on your shots.
  3. Market your images: Permit downloads of your high-resolution pictures. Buyers may locate any images you wish to sell by tagging them on your profile. The problem is that 500px decides the price, not you, and you only retain 60% of the revenues. Certain photographers claim that they produce very little money in this manner.

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500 Px Pricing Strategies

500px offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets:

1. Free Tier:

  •  Allows you to upload up to seven photos per week.
  •    Includes ads.
  •    Does not offer visitor analytics for your profile or images.
  •    Enables you to license images.

2. Awesome Plan:

  • Unlike Flickr, 500 px does not have a lifetime free plan.
  • Costs $2.99 US/month or $35.93 US/year
  • Includes unlimited uploads.
  • Provides visitor statistics.
  • Allows you to create slideshows from your images.
  • Suitable for photographers who want to upload many images.
  • Enables image licensing.

3. Pro Plan:

  • Costs $5.99 US/month or $71.93 US/year
  • Offers priority positioning for your profile in the 500px directory.Provides additional customization options for your profile page.
  • Ideal for professionals seeking exposure to commercial opportunities.
  • Enables image licensing.

Currently, the site is running a 40% discount on all available memberships until 31st March 2024. While the Pro plan at 500px is more affordable than launching a dedicated photography website, it’s important to consider the additional benefits and control that come with owning your platform. Starting with the free tier and upgrading as needed based on traffic and business goals is a prudent approach for most photographers.

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Interconnection Builder

500px is easy to navigate. It has separate sections for browsing photos (Discover) and managing your profile. Uploading photos is simple; just drag and drop them into the upload area on your profile.

A handy feature is batch editing. This lets you quickly add tags and descriptions to a whole group of photos at once, saving you time. Batch editing also works for submitting multiple photos for licensing. 500px also has apps for iPhone and Android that let you do everything you can on the website, including uploading photos directly from your phone.

500 Px Protection wall

Though it’s a fantastic way to present your work, 500px doesn’t provide the best image protection. Here’s something to think about:

  • Your images can be copied and claimed as your own by anyone because there is no method to watermark them.
  • Someone may snap a very good screenshot of your work since you cannot restrict the resolution of the photographs you display.

If you intend to sell your images on 500px, this might be an issue. Two-factor authentication is the only true security feature they provide, making it more difficult for someone to break into your account and take your money. We advise setting this up if you decide to sell your images on this platform.

Support System of its Consumers

Getting assistance with 500px might be a long process. They solely provide an online ticket system but don’t have phone or chat assistance. While subscribers who pay receive a response in around two business days, free users may have to wait up to ten days for a response.

The good news is that 500px has an informative website with many lessons and articles that might address your queries. You can also get assistance from other photographers on the platform by joining a group created especially for 500px technical support.

Photo-centric Social Networks

500px is a photo-focused social networking network. Post your images, receive comments, and go through well-known pieces to gain ideas. You can even sell your images and retain 60% of the sales. With mobile applications and useful instructions, it’s simple to use and excellent for learning and sharing pictures over the web.

Wrapping Up

500px provides a forum for photographers to share their work, network with other photographers, and get ideas from a worldwide community. Its easy-to-use interface and capabilities for uploading, organizing, and marketing photographs accommodate both amateurs and experts. However, the price plans are restricted, and there might not be enough image protection. Although it might not be the fastest, the platform provides information and community assistance. Overall, 500px is a useful photo-focused social network for learning, sharing, and selling photos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much can you earn from 500px?

After your photos receive approval, premium subscribers can earn royalties of up to 100%, while non-paying users can potentially earn up to 60% on content licensed exclusively through 500px.

Is 500px free to use?

When signing up for 500px, every new user receives a complimentary two-week trial for the Pro subscription. This allows them to explore the premium features before deciding on a subscription. After the trial period ends, users are automatically switched to a Basic (free) account.

How do I withdraw money from 500px?

Make sure your Payout setup is finalized before initiating a Payout. You can then request a Payout by selecting a specific payout and clicking the “Request payout” button, followed by confirmation. After requesting your Payout, you can track its current status in the “Payout history” section.

How do your images become licensed by 500px?

Getty Images and VCG (Visual China Group) are 500px’s official distribution partners, through which 500px licenses its photographers’ photographs for use as royalty-free (RF) stock photos.

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