10 Tips To Buy The Perfect Geyser This Winter

Geyser Buying Guide For This Winter- 10 Things To Keep In Mind

Geysers have become indispensable in many parts of the country with the arrival of winter. Both the kitchen and the bathroom need geysers. A geyser is a significant appliance, therefore, in addition to the requirements, it is crucial to consider safety and efficiency when purchasing one. Geysers can now be purchased offline or online. There are numerous choices accessible. Prior to purchasing, be sure to check the installation specifications and manufacturer warranty. Location, security measures, electricity use, and other considerations are additional crucial factors. Here are 10 crucial considerations for purchasing a geyser.

Decide Your Budget And Then Look At The Best Choices Available

Define your budget and stick to the ones that fall within your price range. Also, make a list of the features that you want and the ones that you can compromise on.

Tank Capacity

The storage tank capacity is vital whether you are opting for a storage electric geyser or gas or solar water heater. Select a capacity based on your usage of the geyser. A general reference for the tank capacity is as below:

Around 6 litres for a family of 2-3 members

Around 35 litres for a family of 4-8 members

Design Selection

Determine where the geyser is to be installed and then choose a design accordingly, depending on the space available. There are two broad design categories in which most geysers come- cylindrical and square. If you have a horizontal space crunch, then a cylindrical geyser might be the best fit for you. However, if you have limited ceiling height, then you should go for a more compact rectangular geyser.

Check The Energy Efficiency Rating Before Purchase

This is very crucial to prevent a bill shock at the end of the month since geysers, alike most other electrical appliances, can consume a lot of electricity. So, it is advisable to opt for geysers which have a 4-star energy efficiency rating.

The Right Wattage

Unless you want lightning-fast heating speeds, it is not wise to invest in a 3000W geyser. Bear in mind the tank capacity before choosing the wattage. For e.g., A 2000W 35 ltr geyser will not be able to heat the water faster than a 3000W geyser of the same capacity.

Pay Attention To The Safety Features

Safety features like an auto cut-off, safety valves and a fail-safe feature for emergencies are extremely important to keep in mind while choosing a geyser.

Opt For Trusted Brands

Geysers are vital appliances, so do not compromise on quality. The cheaper ones might not be safe. Make sure you buy geysers with the ISI mark, which indicates that it has undergone safety and quality checks.

Extra Features

If the price doesn’t make a hole in your pocket, you can opt for some additional features like a temperature control knob and temperature gauge. You can also choose the ones with digital displays.

Choose Geysers Based On The Water Quality In Your Area

Geyser lifespan is often reduced by hard water, which results from high concentrations of calcium and magnesium. You can opt for corrosion-resistant water tanks or go for water softeners.

Heard Of Smart Geysers?

You can now control geysers with your smartphone app, Alexa or Google Assistant with an IoT-enabled water heater. It also comes with the feature to schedule the ‘on’ and ‘off’ time.

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